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My Foto Folio

Random shots


I call him the "Kalanguya Man" as he is very much proud of his Kalanguya culture. It is not raining but he wears his indigenous raincoat.


A grandfather tries to console a boy in pain who just had a reconstructive surgery on his upper lip.


I took this shot of Liberty using the memory card of my Sony TRV60 Mini DV camcorder in November 2003. During this travel, I wished that I could have brought my Nikon FM2 with me.


Tourism led this couple to look and dwell the way their parents lived a hundred years back. Photo was taken in Balballasang, Kalinga sometime in 1995.


Dr. Peter Hoechst of Interplast Australia operates on one of the dozens of children having facial deformities and cleft palate. Hoechst is shown here being assisted by a Filipina nurse. During the Interplast's four medical missions in the Philippines, I served as either their driver, porter and documentor. I have captured the Interplast surgeons change the face of many children who came from as far as Zambales of Luzon. I assure you that the kids looked better after the operations.


Canada on foreground and US on background. Gee! I can photograph two countries with one shot.

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