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Here are some pictures of me during my travels.


Homeward Bound-This Sly Quintos photo shows me and my daughter Inah Felice trekking back to our waiting vehicle after we have descended from Mt. Pulag. Shot was taken sometime in 2002.


If you noticed the two hats I'm wearing at first glance, you have sharp eyes. The shot was taken after I have arrived from my 1st US trip in '95.


The weather was dull and gloomy when I was taken to the Niagara Falls in the Fall of 2003.


I visited Thailand in 2000 in what I call as an educational and heritage tour. 


Nope, she isn't the real one. The face and even her bust seems phony to me.
My daughter Inah thought she was Madonna.


I first set foot on mainland US in 1995 to attend the 1st Igorot International Consultations that was held in West Covina, Ca. Friends later took me to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.



Sr. Bernadette Anello (MSC) drove us to this historic place in Philadelphia.


Me and Hoover Agyao in Ann Plyler's apartment. Ann was sent as an MSC missioner to Baguio where she had few years of quality time with the Save Our Street Children Foundation Inc.


This is the view from the Cabrini Medical Center in New York where I stayed for about two weeks. I walked the streets of NY from the center to the BH Camera store in 18th Street more than thrice. BH is a place where all cameramen should visit while in NY. I bought my real Panasonic AG-456U from BH in 1997


In NY with MSC Sisters Veronica Piccone and Amada Liboro who hosted me and Hoover Agyao (in blue coat). Also shown in photo is Florence Dulnuan(far right)and another Filipina nurse (working at the Cabrini Hospital.


At the Daytona racetrack in Florida


Under the canopy of the vigin forests in Flora, Pudtol, Apayao shooting "Indigenous Forest Management"


JICA Scholar- From September 1992 to February 1993, I went to Okinawa, Japan as a Colombo Plan scholar to take up a course on Video Production. Participants from other third world countries came to the Okinawa International Center to enrich their technical skills in television production. RP broadcast systems wasn't far behind.