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Baguio Thru my Lens


Baguio in 1984-85 had its own version of street rallies likened to the historic EDSA revolt. Confettis were thrown from both sides of Session Road.


Totus Tuus- Pope John Paul II visited key cities in the Philippines including Baguio in 1980. I took this shot as an amateur photographer while perched on a tree branch. During this papal visit, San Lorenzo Ruiz was beatified and canonized as a saint. What we know today as the image of San Ruiz is a product of a painting contest in my school-the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture and Fine Arts.


Crystal Cave no more- Sadly, what used to be a tourist destination in Baguio is now a natural waterways for sewer and a habitat of mosquitos and rodents. This black & white portrait was taken in 1983 as a poster concept of my 8mm film "Hinterland".