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Forest Friend's Pledge
Having visited the forest, I have come to realize the importance of this eco-system and its relationship to me, my family and my community.
I have come to appreciate the value and beauty of the trees, the plants, the birds and other denizens that inhabit the same. I have to know the forest as a true friend from which springs water, shade, wood, food and other life-giving resources.
I have come to realize that this friend, the Lord's creation and gift to me, is the source of community life.
Having vidited the forest, I have nothing but little footprints on the trail and a tree seedling that I planted and tended and take nothing but memories of this walk to my friend.
Having established this friendship, I hereby pledge that from this day onward, I will preserve, conserve and norture this relationship> I will be its protector and defender, I pledge to visit my friend again to strengthen this bond by tending the tree seedlings planted, so they will grow tall and robust, green and healthy, And when I return, I shall gift my friend with another tree.
With the trees, the birds, the plants and the insects as my witness, I hereby make this pledge.
(This forest friend's pledge worded by Eco-Walk Coordinator Ramon Dacawi has become the official oath recited by children whenever they visit the Busol Watershed in Baguio City.)